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Fleming & Brown

A Great British Company

Fleming & Brown

For Quality & Service

Here at Fleming & Brown we pride ourselves on a comprehensive range of shaving and grooming products for males of all ages. From fine bespoke aftershaves and balms, to quality British made shaving brushes and pre-shave oils - we stock them.

Our delivery is impressive as well -

Fleming & Brown - A Great British Company

#Fleming & Brown
#Pre Shave Oil

Fleming & Brown Pre-

Shave Oil Havana

Classic Pre Shave Oil

Fleming & Brown Pre

Shave Oil Classic

#Pre Shave Oil

Pandini Classico

Pre Sahve Oil

#Pre Shave Oil

Pandini Onde

Pre Shave Oil

Gloss Handled Shaving Brush

High Quality Shaving Brush

Nasal Scissors

Moustache & Nasal Hair Scissors

F&B Stiptic Pencil

Stiptic Pencil

Shave Balm

Post Shave Balm

F&B Shaving Bowl

Pre-Shave Gel

Perfect Wet Shave

The Method - Ultimate Shaving

Comfort - Style Value

#Classic Safety Razor

3 Part Classic Razor

#Matt Hair Clay

Matt Clay PasteHair

Modern Style Safety Razor

F&B Optimum Razor

Hexagonal Handled Shaving Brus

Hex' Handle Shaving Brush

Traditional Hair Pomade

Imperial Traditional Pomade

GP Rim Shaving Brush

F&B Azure Aftershave

Fleming & Brown Azure Aftershave

#Bespoke Aftershave
Fleming & Brown Havana Aftershave
#Beard Brush

Stubby Beard Brush

Quality Shaving Brush

Vulfix Shaving Brush

Tortoishell Drip Stand

Shaving Brush Drip Stand